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Nomad Surf Shop Contest #2



Register Online for Contest #2 Sat Nov 1 at
ESA Family, Even though we had some bumps we have had overwhelming positive feedback from you that Contest #1 was a success. We are looking to continue to improve the contest moving forward. We encourage you to give us the feedback that you think will make it better next time (preferably through private message). Thanks for your contribution.

Jupiter Ocean Magic Contest #1


This is a Contest 1 РWave Watch РPossible Back-up Date Announcement

Running surf contests is fun! Way more fun, when there’s waves! Anyone who surfs in Florida in the summer time knows it can be a real challenge to find a bump out there. We are trying to fix our wave machine, but in the meantime, we have booked Saturday and Sunday September¬†27-28 in hopes that by Friday morning we will be able to make the call. This way we can hopefully insure that we’re surfing on the better of the 2 days as well as helping everyone to plan their weekend with plenty of notice.

Pollywogs is a “push-in” division and is available to beginner surfers. Once you surf in Menehunes you have graduated from Pollywogs and are no longer eligible to surf in Pollywogs.