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Sorry Charlie… we’re making the call early and moving the contest to next weekend

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Contest #3 Nomad Nov 11th

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Fingers Crossed for Surf Sunday… We will update the page just as soon as we get eyes on the water Sunday. We’re being told the empty lot near the surf site is no longer available for parking – park at Gulfstream Park to the south, parking fills up fast..

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Hey Team! Based on the most current forecast we are planning to run ESA Contest #3 Nomad Surf Shop event Sunday 11/11 instead of Saturday. We want to give everyone ample time to plan for the weekend. Keep your fingers Crossed and we hope this fits your..

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ESA Contest #3 Nomad Surf Shop

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My day job says…if you need tires, this is the time to buy!!!! You can use any of the manufacturer rebates and save even more money.

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Points are updated after Blueline contest number two! Some heated battles brewing between some big names! Vance Weyandt, Joel Glass, Kepa Mendia, Aiden Craig, Sarah Abbott, Sydney..

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Locals Surf Shop

Charlie taking home third, way to go buddy! #localssurfshop #SurferDudes #bluelinesurf_paddleco Next contest 11/10 Nomad come out and watch the kids shred!

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Just realized slight error in the timers for tomorrow – better to safe than sorry – we’ll be done by 2:00 so you get you’re weekend back!

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Contest is on for tomorrow boardwalk #47, north of the pier and south of reef club. Come out and have some fun with everyone

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