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The deadline for 2015’s Marsh Scholarship applications is May 15th. This is a wonderful benefit to members as many are unaware that the ESA offers this to its members who are in college. Here’s the link for your members to download the application.

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Congratulations to PB district for being the biggest district representing at Regionals. We will be posting pics and results as we get them over next couple of days the best we can. 1st pic and congrats go to our menehune Sterling for making 3rd in Finals…

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NEW this season 2015 ESA Standings will be posted on our local site in the next couple days. In the meantime, here it is. Sorry took so long. Our first contest of the season was last month in March and next will be in September. Hope to set up some special..

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Thank you Lori Griffith for your continued support of the ESA Palm Beach County District…

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This Friday night is Movie Night at Surfing Museum.

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these are the slots that are still left at regionals…. Menehune FULL Boys 4 Junior Men 1 Men 2 Masters 4 Senior Men 3 Grandmasters 4 Legends 4 Grand Legends 1 Girls 2 Junior Women 5 Women 2 Ladies 2 Menehune Longboard 5 Junior Men LB 1 Mens LB 1 Masters..

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New Business from friend and local long time ESA Contestant. SURF COACHING from Youth to Seniors… Periodically we will start introducing you once a month or so to our ESA family businesses so we can stay in the..

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Regionals Contest Schedule updated.

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More pics from Angie Wisdom, Ali Mendia, Lori with Chasin a dream Photography and other friends thanks!

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