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Dear ESA family, As some of you have noticed ESA made some changes for 2018. They have added and changed some divisions, and this will come into play for qualifying for Regionals and East Coast Championships held in 2019. Also, corporate ESA informed..

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Looking forward to getting back out there

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New age Chart for 2018/2019 Season. Note: Menehune Shortboard U12 will now be split between boys & girls! BOYS U12 (11 & UNDER) GIRLS U12 (11 & UNDER) #ESANewageChart20182019Season

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Points are updated from yesterday’s event… please let me know if there are any typos or errors, I’m still crusty from the 14 hours on the beach in the cold and wind!

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Contest is on today! Stair 37, please dress super warm don’t want anyone getting snot nose!

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Updated Local Surf Forecast

SUNDAY: Refraction-Action ALERT! Swell fills in in the chest/shoulder high range. Chilly out all day but sunny. Wind NW 20kts.

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Morning ESA! We are moving our event to Sunday due to a 5k on A1A Saturday! Surfline is calling for better surf Sunday: 3-4ft waist to chest high Moderate NW winds set up favorable conditions for many spots! and Saturday is supposed to be a rainout anyway…..

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ESA Palm Beach

Rally your buddies it’s all about bragging rights!

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Morning ESA! So far not many peeps have signed up, and we are finding out there is some confusion on the divisions. To recap: 1.ESA will have our regular Divisions & Open for points (no cash award just bragging points if you beat Badgley or buddies) Additionally..

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Looks like waves Saturday!

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