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Heats are up for SE Regionals… I’m not running this event so I have no control over the schedule heats or basically anything other than getting my body to the beach by 7:30 tomorrow morning…

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It was valiant effort but it’s completely flat up here team… sorry we tried have a great Easter week!

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Contest #2 DeezeTrucks Blueline Paddle

Watching the surf closely for a Saturday contest

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What does everyone think about Saturday? Waves are big now, the forecast looks good for Friday, dying off by Friday evening. Cold front moves through on Saturday 50% chance of rain, there is a small push behind it but it doesn’t last long. Weiland says..

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Southeast Regional Championships presented by Surfer Dudes & Longdoggers | Eastern Surfing Association

Don’t forget to sign up for SE Regionals – they are taking alternates still!

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Regrettably, we have to postpone once more. We’re taking a back seat to the multiple events scheduled at the same time: Gnarly, Stuart Single Fin Showdown, Spring-Break Travels as many of our volunteers are unavailable – not to mention the waves will..

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Wieland is calling it to be ridable for Saturday’s contest! Sign up by Wednesday evening.

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ESA Palm Beach's cover photo

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Photos from ESA Palm Beach's post

Looks like its going to be flat this weekend! To help you plan we are making a call now & postponing the event to next Saturday 3/24. Hope everyone can make it and fingers crossed there are more waves then. (extending the event deadline) Also, don’t forget..

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2018 Southeast Regional Surfing Championships®

Tentative Schedule for SE Regionals… All Adults divisions will surf on Friday and Open short board and Open SUP will start in the afternoon. Any youth surfers that surf the open divisions need to be there Friday. 2018 Southeast Regional Surfing Championships®..

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